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Mom, what are you willing to invest in yourself?

I've heard all the excuses. And used all of them...

“One of these days I’m going to have the time to do things I like.”

“One of these days I’ll focus more on my own self-care.”

“One of these days I know my days will be better.”


Sound familiar?

I hear you. I have been there. I have told myself the same things. I have thought that later would be okay.

I know that life is busy. And that you’re pushing off any changes because they sound hard. And change sounds scary. And it makes you feel like you just cannot add a single thing more to your life.

Later will come.

But in the form of you doing the same thing you’re doing now but at a future date. And I guarantee your mom life won’t be any easier, it will just be different.

Using acceptance and commitment training in your life takes some weeks to get the hang of implementing. And a lifetime of practice.

So while you can invest an hour a week to learn these tools right now, it’s truly an investment in your entire future.

I want you to enjoy the days you’re living now; without waiting for something to magically change on its own. Commit today so future you will be grateful the groundwork was laid for where you’d like to end up.

I want to help teach you to feel more confident, treat yourself better, and to live a full life.

If you’re ready to invest an hour a week in yourself (you deserve it!) then join a coaching cohort today. Weeks from now you’ll be wrapping up our class and beginning to see your thoughts & feelings in a new way.

I promise I will not be asking you to do more in life. I want you to do adjust what you’re doing to have more meaning.

Comment below with your questions & sign up for this fall's group here.


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