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Meet Kristin

Board Certified Behavior Analyst & Life Coach

For twenty years I have worked in the field of behavior analysis. This amazing career has given me the opportunity and training to help shape many people's lives for the better through behavioral science.

I love to help people set goals, develop plans to achieve them, and share in their journey of progress.


The most exciting aspects of my career have been when I see the life of a client improve with the use of a few simple strategies or when a client achieves a long-term goal that opens up more doors for their future.

During my years as a Licensed and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (and a working mom), I discovered my favorite part of analyzing and changing behavior was talking with people about what they wanted to be different in their lives and helping them figure out what to do next to get there.

You are here for solutions to making life changes possible.  I am going to help you get them.


My Story

Throughout my years providing behavior intervention services I felt pretty fulfilled in life.  When I became a mom in 2014 many things changed; not only with becoming a parent to our son but where we lived and what we did professionally.  As the years of motherhood continued, I strived for more; but more is not the answer.  Turns out more meaning is what I needed.

Continuing with my education in behavioral sciences I began utilizing acceptance and commitment training strategies in my own life.

I've been a busy, working mom for over 8 years now and have utilized the exact tools I want to teach you to use to help myself.

I help women like me solve the problem of feeling as if they are stuck on autopilot and lacking the joy they maybe once had for life.  My passion to help you is driven by my own experiences of feeling the lows associated with regrets, deciding to identify what mattered, opening up to my feelings, and committing to doing what it takes.


Let's move from a full life to a fulfilled life.

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