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One Quick Way to Increase Mindfulness as a Mom

Mindfulness practices are incorporated to help individuals stay focused on the present moment, enhancing awareness and reducing the influence of past regrets or future anxieties.

I'm sure you've heard about it and may have an idea in your head of what it looks like.

Well, guess what it doesn't have to look like?

  • X meditating for an hour at a time

  • X quiet, lonely walks

  • X completing all tasks in a new, boring way

  • X daily yoga

You know what it can look like?

Being present in your life basically means you’re paying better attention to your life.

You’re making choices guided by what’s important.

And most importantly, you’re taking your life off autopilot mode.

There are many ways to practice this in your daily life but the biggest tip that has worked for me is to PLAN for it.

I know this sounds kinda funny but I know how hard it can be to say “just do it” and then… nothing.

But seriously, before I researched, learned, and read more about what mindfulness can look like in your own life I was skeptical.

I realized being mindful did not have to look like the images I first imagined.

Sometimes it's just taking the walk to the bus stop without my phone because omg it is a distraction just being available!

Let’s get right to how to plan your tomorrow with increased mindfulness -

(Cuz I know you have no time to waste, momma!)

1. Grab that phone (done, you’re probably already here;)

2. Open up your alarms app & put 4 random times in there.

  • You can do more or less but at least a few scatter across the day.

3. When the alarm goes off, stop and think - am I focusing on what I want to be doing right now?

  • Or do I need this as a kick in the butt to get back to the task at hand.

  • Maybe it’s not a work task but a family meal.

  • Or a workout.

  • Or playing with your kids.

  • Or reading a novel.

4. Whatever you’d like to be focusing on when the alarm goes off - use that as a cue to put your mind back on it - or give yourself a pat on the back if you're 100% on point!

I know it could sound funny to use a potential distractor to get more mindful…

But it’s a quick cue and whether you’re in the moment or not turning it off will just take 2 seconds!

So get over to that alarm app & set your times to boost your mindfulness today!


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