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Hi, it's me, Kristin!

Hello & here's a little bit more about your behavior change life coach!

I’m a wife, mom + Board Certified (+ Virginia Licensed) Behavior Analyst that loves any outdoor adventures, indoor crafts & baking. Born and raised in Virginia; began in NOVA and transitioned to Hampton Roads in 2015!

I love the saying that people on social media are 2 things - lazy & nosy - because I am 100% nosy. Like not on a malicious level but I love to know all the things! Getting information, talking to people, and asking questions is my jam & why I love being in the field.

Behavior science has led my professional career since undergrad. I got into the field during my undergrad in psychology and then continued to earn my masters in Applied Behavior Analysis. Spreading the joy from successful behavior changes & aligning life goals with values. Expanding the awareness that behavior analysis can & should work outside of the DD world.

Here are 5 things I bet you didn’t know about me!

• I played tennis, softball, & swam growing up and really miss being a part of that kind of team!

•I had my son via a traumatic emergency c-section & then my daughter was an unplanned, happy + terrifying surprise that ultimately healed me (and I love to remind her of that!)

•My husband and I opened a co-working & entrepreneurship center in 2019 (

•I’m the second of four girls & my three sisters all still live back home in the DC area near my parents where I grew up

•I love to pack & will do it as early as physically possible before a trip - like

My goal for you is to learn how to apply behavior change strategies to your own life and improve it day by day. In January I’ll be 40 & there are days when I feel super old but balance that out with knowing I've got amazing decades still to be had. My two kids make me feel equally old and keep me young and I'm grateful every day to receive their joy.

I appreciate you so very much for coming through and learning a bit about me!

Would you share something about yourself with me today?


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