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What is it Like to do Behavior Change Coaching with Kristin?

Updated: May 28, 2023

Q & A with Kristin's past client, Alyssa Latham

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of working with Alyssa during a month of behavior change coaching and she was so wonderful to be willing to share her experience with you all!

Alyssa is a behavior analyst, parent coach, and mom. Her goal as a parent coach is to goal is to cut out wait time, bridge the gap, give practical strategies that fit into unique family dynamics, and help parents confidently support their neurodivergent or neurotypical child's development while prioritizing connection in their family. Alyssa's unique experience working in the same field as me and also seeking coaching services is an amazing example of how everyone can benefit from some external accountability and assistance!

#1: Tell me, what made you interested in behavior change coaching?

I felt like I was scrambling between the many roles of mom, marriage, me time, friend time, and entrepreneur life without any real balance or purposeful sense of my time.

#2: As a BCBA, did it still seem redundant to work with another behavior analyst?

Not at all! Having an outside perspective is incredibly helpful. It’s hard to think of solutions for yourself when you’re the one in the thick of it! Having someone else listen, pause, and bring in a new idea makes all the difference! Even just talking about new ideas made me more motivated to actually try it!

#3: What was the hardest part of addressing anything you wanted to work on?

Initially it felt overwhelming to make changes in multiple areas of my life - schedule movement in my day, pick up a creative hobby, more time with my husband, turning work off so I can be present with my daughter… But during our conversations, you helped me realize that I don’t have to follow a strict routine or feel stifled with new goals. It was more about listening to myself, being in tune with my needs, and making the choice that felt right in those moments.

#4: As a mom, what has been your biggest struggle when working on your “real self-care” as Kristin talks about?

Having self-compassion! Allowing myself to celebrate small progress (even if it’s not the end result that I’m wanting right away) & to let things slide on days when it’s impossible to “do it all” (which is unrealistic anyway!)

#5: What sort of habits do you find yourself continuing to practice after coaching with Kristin?

Staying in tune with myself & listening to what my needs are each day! Then following through on those needs even in a small way. Wanting sunshine and movement? Walk to the mailbox! Doesn’t have to be an intense workout. Wanting social time? Check up on a friend! Doesn’t have to be a big party.

#6: If someone were considering working with a behavior change coach, what advice would you pass along to them to help them decide either way?

Embrace a new perspective! A behavior change coach can help you zoom out for your big picture goals and values, while also zooming in on those small but meaningful moments of each day.


A big thank you to sharing your perspective with us, Alyssa! If you're interested in her parent coaching, get in touch with Alyssa here.

Interested in a free coaching call to see if we're a good fit? Schedule one with me here!

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