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Stop searching for self-help tips & follow the science instead.

Here’s the first thing you need to do when you want to change your behavior:

Find your *why* 🎯

Before you can change what you do in the future we’re going to figure out the reason you actually want to do that. And why what you’re doing now keeps happening. AKA your function.🤔

In the field we talk about this in a whole lot of ways…. motivation, reinforcement, values, establishing operations, function.

But simply put, it’s your why.

Let’s examine together what makes you want to make a change in your life.

  • Maybe you want to come back from a mistake.

  • Maybe you want to decrease a bad habit.️

  • Maybe you want to improve a relationship.

Why you want to do something can look really different from another person’s why for the same behavior.

What’s important is that the *why* is directly related to YOU. Not me, not your mom, not your best friend. Just YOU!

Shoot me a message to tell me about your WHY or book an intro call to start finding out yours today!

I'm so excited to get started helping you on your journey of self-improvement!


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