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Upcoming Events

Whether it's following me on social media, reading my weekly emails, or attending a presentation, I am thrilled to be able to share knowledge with you in so many ways!

Here are the events I have coming up.

I would love to have you be a part of them!

Why the Goals We Set for Ourselves Fail and What To Do About It

Join me for an hour of learning about the barriers to your past achievements and even better, what to do differently in the future!


In this FREE presentation I'll be chatting about:

  • The characteristics of poor goal-development and achievement

  • The main component to remember when creating goals and how to ensure they’re achievable

  • How to identify what will maintain your behavior to get those goals achieved


There will be exercises for you to take part in live (no pressure to actively participate but still do them on your own!) and even if you're listening in on your earbuds while wrapping up your day, this is one presentation you don't want to miss hearing!

Sign up here.

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