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Dear Mama,

I created this program for you.


I know you're tired. You feel like your life is a constant state of multitasking and juggling responsibilities. You have little time for self-care activities. Life has begun to feel monotonous.  Your constant focus on work and family needs has led to a loss of personal identity outside of these roles. Not to mention continuous stress and a lack of mindful living is negatively impacting your mental health.

This was me, too.

But it's also not who you have to continue to be.  You don't have to keep putting off your life until the kids are older. You can choose yourself today without sacrificing anyone else in your life.

And it's why we're going to get you off autopilot-mode and back into taking charge of your life.

Across this 8-week investment you will:

  • Increase your self-confidence

  • Realize what really matters to you

  • Understand how to practice true self-care

  • Improve the relationship with your mind

  • Learn how to shift from goal-focused to values-oriented

What to expect:

  • Eight 50-minute video sessions or calls 1:1 with me, a behavior change expert with over 20 years in the field

  • Homework assignments and strategies to practice based in behavior science

  • Wake up feeling better

  • An amazing investment of $849 towards your future

Love, Kristin

Kristin Frigelj, BCBA, life coach, personal development coach, mom coach, parent coach, behavior change coach, presenter


I know what I want... but I need help getting there.

Sound familiar?

It's time to use behavior science to create your future.

Meet Kristin

Board Certified Behavior Analyst & Coach

Hi! I'm Kristin Frigelj, a coach and behavior change expert.

I don't want you to wait until your kids are out of the house to put more joy into your life.

I want you to be better prepared for future life transitions.

I help moms learn how to build habits that lead to a life more meaningful to them.  My coaching is based on proven strategies based in behavioral science and that's why my clients find effective results.


With my background in behavior analysis, I love to share with other working moms what has worked for me and how to use acceptance and commitment training in their own lives.

You may be at a point where you don't really know who you are outside of "mom" and none of the self-help tips you read about are working to improve your life.


With my coaching you will target the feeling like you're stuck on autopilot and need accountability to get off and take control. 

You can create a meaningful future based on your values while remaining more present and accepting of everyday life.

Kristin Frigelj, BCBA, life coach, personal development coach, mom coach, parent coach, behavior change coach

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